Ella’s 24for24

‘The’ Redkite Hospital Bag

So yesterday I received an email notification saying Redkite was going to do a fundraising 24for24 and I just knew Ella and I would have to take part in it. After all, they have been there since the beginning of our journey into brain tumours, hospital stays and the after effects, as well as the great times we have had.

I still remember so clearly receiving our Redkite Country Road (awesome sponsors), hospital bag packed with the essentials for a quick hospital trip, which Ella and I did for quite a while at most times no notice at all.

Simon, the Social Worker in the Paediatric Oncology unit handed it over and my mind was spinning. It was after they were telling us the do’s and dont’s of Ella’s treatment. As soon as she got a fever we would have to rush her to the hospital. I remember saying “oh, well I’ll need to get a thermometer” numbly. On autopilot. Simon said this bag will be your guide. Filled to the brim with information, a diary, travel mugs, 2 red super warm blankets, a toiletry kit, vouchers and the thermometer. The holy grail of Ella’s treatment at the time. 

This incident was well over a year ago, however I’ll never forget it. Ever. 

We even got a replacement bag not long ago as we wore ours out. 

Ella knows exactly what it is, where it is, and how all of her comfortable, essential and fun things were packed (and still are) in this life saving bag. 

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Thank you to our supporters


Philippa Weekley

I wish you a great recovery Ella! xx


Meejung Hughes

Go Oosie! Excellent cause


Jacqueline Medved

You’re an inspiration Ella x


Yeon Richards


Yeon Richards